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IB Diploma ToK, EE & CAS

Theory of Knowledge


Course Outline: Theory of Knowledge is often referred to as the keystone of the IB Diploma Programme. Students are asked to critically compare how knowledge is produced and consumed in all subject areas. The course challenges students to examine their own perspectives as well as the perspectives of others.  TOK is not a philosophy course, but rather a course about critical thinking.

Extended Essay

Course Outline: The Extended Essay is an independent, student-led research project which takes place over 12 months. It provides an opportunity for students to identify a research topic of their own choice and results in a 4,000 word research paper. The Extended Essay is a mandatory component of the IB Diploma.

Creativity, Activity, Service

Course Outline: The CAS programme encourages students to extend their interest in creative, active, and service learning experiences. Students develop meaningful personal connections through action and reflection. CAS experiences occur through student initiated projects, school sanctioned activities, community-based programmes, or individual opportunities.