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Elementary School (3-11 Years)

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Early Year students at UNIS Hanoi is having fun during physical education class at international elementary school - UNIS Hanoi

The development of the whole child is at the heart of what the faculty and staff do. Learning in the Elementary School (ES) is about developing personal, emotional and social skills as well as being an intellectual and academic process.

The ES faculty and staff aim to help children find their voice - their own unique, personal significance. We encourage them to think about what their contribution will be in the world - how they will try to make a difference as responsible and engaged members of the school community as well as citizens of the world.

Our Educational Beliefs

Two important educational beliefs guide our work at UNIS Hanoi:

 Education is a process - not a race

At UNIS Hanoi we recognise that children are natural inquirers who will develop at their own pace and in their own way. In the Elementary School we pride ourselves on getting to know each child as an individual in order to help them make progress. UNIS Hanoi has high expectations for all its learners in the Elementary School plan to scaffold success from their point of entry by;

  • developing the whole child’s personal, emotional, physical and social skills, wellbeing and intellectual and academic process; 

  • supporting children to find their own unique, personal significance by encouraging  them to think about what their contribution will be in the world as an engaged members of the school community as well as citizens of the world;

  • designing the learning process for each child and how to apply their skills and knowledge across an ever-increasing spectrum of experience. 

This is supported by a team of highly professional teachers who are themselves engaged in lifelong learning and model effective habits of mind.

Education is a partnership 

UNIS Hanoi is committed to sustaining productive partnerships with parents to help our students succeed. Our school needs your support to ensure we are able to meet the needs of your children successfully. There are many ways to support the learning process, and most critically, the highest priority is to maintain regular contact with your child's teacher(s) by taking advantage of the opportunities that are provided during the year such as parent teacher conferences, open days, curriculum information meetings and workshops designed to further understanding of the educational philosophy and approaches to teaching and learning used at UNIS Hanoi.

Partnerships are also about ensuring that you make the school aware of all pertinent background information and raising questions and concerns as they arise so that the teachers can deal with any issues immediately. The more we work in partnership with parents, the better we know and understand our students.