Distance Learning

UNIS Hanoi Distance Learning is a full academic programme offered to students to ensure continuation of learning in times of full campus closure. It is facilitated by UNIS Hanoi faculty members who take full responsibility for the delivery of the curriculum for our students. Distance Learning consists of both synchronous (live) sessions with teachers, as well as asynchronous tasks that can be independently managed by students and their families. 

Principles of Distance Learning at UNIS Hanoi:

  • Relationships are central to the success of Distance Learning and making this a priority will lead to higher learning outcomes for students.  
  • Distance Learning is not a replication of the on-campus experience, nor is it intended to be. 

  • Balance is fundamental to keeping our community healthy during times of Distance Learning. Teachers need to balance synchronous and asynchronous connections and collaboration, and students need to do some of this on their own.

  • Content coverage in Distance Learning is different to the work that can be done in an on-campus environment. When in Distance Learning, a more refined, modified set of curriculum outcomes becomes our focus.  This ensures that students are able to progress through Distance Learning content at a more individualised pace, with time for independent application and consolidation. 

  • Full participation in Distance Learning ensures a continuous learning experience, and supports students in a smooth re-entry to our face-to-face programme.  

  • Distance Learning opens up an exciting set of possibilities for students -  involving greater choice, autonomy and the ability to manage time and deadlines differently to the on-campus experience. 

  • Assessments look different in Distance Learning. Teachers will ensure that students are given opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a way that requires real application of the material. Learning may be assessed through culminating projects, peer-to-peer feedback, and teacher feedback.

(adapted from Global Online Academy)

Our Approach to Distance Learning