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UNIS Hanoi has a local and international relationship for delivering a robust academic programme that puts the needs and abilities of each child at the centre of our teaching and learning. UNIS Hanoi is a three programme IB World School.

Definition of Excellent Learning

Learning is the process of creating meaning through acquiring, applying and synthesising new skills, understandings and knowledge.

We believe that excellent learning is taking place at UNIS Hanoi when learners are:  

  • Extending their thinking and making thinking visible
  • Modifying their thinking, behaviours and attitudes
  • Developing new understandings and perspectives
  • Reflecting on their learning experiences, their strengths and areas for development
  • Transferring their learning to other settings and contexts
  • Making connections to what they already know and can do
  • Cooperating, collaborating and communicating in a variety of social contexts as well as being confident to learn independently.
  • Appropriately challenged and actively engaged
  • Active, have frequent opportunities to move, transition and to process information
  • Aware of the significance and relevance of their learning
  • Encouraged and nurtured in learning environments characterised by supportive and mutually respectful relationships.

Definition of International Mindedness 

Global citizens engage and act with international-mindedness by having the disposition to serve their community, both locally and globally. They  are committed to peaceful, principled and sustainable action that makes a difference in the world.  

International-mindedness is about recognising and reflecting on local and global perspectives, and enabling people to transcend the boundaries in their thinking.  

Internationally-minded people understand their own cultural identity and have a desire to know and explore otherness, with sensitivity and respect. They value diversity and embrace language learning as a way to connect with and understand others.    

We believe that international-mindedness is being developed and demonstrated when members of the school community:

  • Act in ways that reflect the School’s Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and UN principles
  • Model intercultural competencies and appreciate what it is to lead in different cultural contexts
  • Experience opportunities  for learning about issues that have personal, local and global relevance and significance through the curricular and co-curricular programme.
  • Create an environment where each person can trust that their individuality is valued 
  • Reflect a diversity of experiences, knowledge, skills and perspectives that provide a basis for global citizenship
  • Communicate in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner.

Our Curriculum

Read below to learn more about the curriculum offered at the School. 

  • Is based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme − Early Years to Grade 12 − which aims to develop the individual talents of young people and teach them to connect the experience of the classroom to the realities of the world outside
  • Places strong emphasis on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship as demonstrated by the ideals and principles of the United Nations
  • Emphasises a skills and process approach: accentuating the learning process as individualised and stressing how students learn in addition to what they learn
  • Stresses learning as an interactive, integrated process, which focuses strongly on the connections between subjects especially through the use of language across the curriculum
  • Aims to develop awareness of the media and competence in information technology
  • Aims to develop an appreciation of Vietnamese culture across all areas of the curriculum
  • Respects the cultural diversity of the school community
  • Extends beyond the classroom through a variety of co-curricular opportunities.