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Yummy Art in Grade 8

Grade 8 Art classes have recently embarked on a ‘Food as Art’ ceramics project, which launched a provocation for students to consider how sculpture is utilised in an edible way. In this learning unit, students seek to understand how everyday objects can express themselves from different perspectives.

Last week, the group had a great opportunity to learn from Levi Beckett, an experienced UNIS Hanoi parent in the cake decoration industry. With over 12 years of experience in making beautiful wedding and birthday cakes, Levi shared his expertise with the 8th grade art students. They learned piping, royal icing, and fondant techniques and got to try them by decorating their cupcakes.

The student decorators were excited to use food to learn more about something we all need to survive, but chefs turn food into extraordinary works of art. They also discovered the similarities between ceramics and food art, which expanded their creative horizons.