Your Support Saves Lives

Enjoy this final instalment in our 6-week story series, taking a deeper dive into the impact created through our community’s philanthropy, celebrated in our 10 Year Impact Philanthropy Report.

Your Support Saves Lives

Ten-year-old Mi and hundreds like him have been able to eat and sleep at home in the face of economic hardship thanks to the philanthropy of the UNIS Hanoi community.

As a UN school committed to values of Community and Responsibility, UNIS Hanoi was quick to respond to the urgent needs of its Service Learning partner organisations when the Covid pandemic struck in 2020.

Thanks to the generosity of the UNIS Hanoi community more than $45,000 has been disbursed from the Emergency Relief Fund, directly benefiting 2,300+ adults and children with emergency food, shelter and medical supplies.

UNIS Hanoi partnered with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, KOTO, the Huong La Centre, village communities in Sapa and the former Blossom House for at-risk girls to ensure every dollar donated is put to work for those most in need.

When seeking ways to ensure the most impact was possible for those most vulnerable, we chose to work with our trusted Service Learning partners, with relationships that span the three decades since UNIS Hanoi was founded.

And Mi’s Family Story is one of many similar situations that your generosity has helped to change.

Ten year-old Mi is one of three siblings being raised solely by their 70 year old grandfather. The family had been living off their farm in Ha Giang until COVID-19 struck. With Mi’s elderly grandfather unable to feed the family, Mi may have been forced to leave his home and in search of hazardous work just to survive. Yet, thanks to the donation from UNIS Hanoi, the family has been able to stay together, receiving blankets and food via the Blue Dragon Children’s Fund (BDCF) for as long as is necessary. 

Ms Chuyen, a BDCF staff member, says the School’s support has made a difference. She added, “Mi and his siblings were very excited and happy to receive blankets and food, because they knew that they could sleep well in their home that day. Thank you UNIS Hanoi for easing their burden during this period of crisis.”

UNIS Hanoi continues to accept donations for the Emergency Relief Fund.

Did You Know?

  • Our ERF has reached 2,314 lives with support of meals, food packages, medical care during the Covid hardship time.
  • 3 tonnes of rice were distributed to vulnerable adults and children during social distancing timing in Hanoi
  • ERF funding helped 3 Blue Dragon shelters running at full capacity
  • Over the last 10 years, since the School formalised its Institutional Philanthropy Programmes, together our community has donated more than $1.25 Million and impacted the lives of more than 21,500 people!
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