Vulnerable Children Able to Learn Online Thanks to our Donation

Children at Blossom House and Blue Dragon are enjoying new distance learning experiences thanks to UNIS Hanoi’s recent donation of 31 iPads and headphones. 

It has been a month since the 2021-2022 school year started virtually for local schools in Vietnam and it hasn’t been an easy start especially for children from vulnerable backgrounds. With limited resources, these students could only access their online lessons via their parent’s phone or even had to skip classes because their family could not afford a device from which they can use for learning.

As a School that values Community and Responsibility, UNIS Hanoi has worked with our Service Learning partners Blue Dragon and Blossom House to support their children during this difficult time. On September 22, the Tech Office helped to deliver the devices to the two organisations. 

A nine year old boy from Blue Dragon was excited with his iPad. He said, “My Mum doesn’t have a smartphone so I could not join online classes. Now, I can! Thank you very much for your help!” 

A student from Blossom House who also benefited from the donation said, “I find the new iPad easier and more convenient. I can listen to the teacher’s lectures clearly and I don’t have to look at the small screen anymore. I can study without having to zoom out and back in again many times.”

Ms Hoa Nguyen, a Social Worker at Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam, works with the girls in Blossom House. She thanked the School for its valuable aid. “Your support is very important in helping disadvantaged girls access education and have a better future”.

UNIS Hanoi has a track record of donating technological equipment to our Service Learning Partners. At the start of the pandemic, a special donation was made to local schools in Sapa, through our Helping Hands Service Learning group. UNIS Hanoi will be donating another 10 laptops to students in Ban Lien Elementary and Middle School in Bac Ha later in the fall once travelling between provinces are permitted.