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University of Melbourne Wows Students with What is Possible

Students had the opportunity to engage with five different professors from the University of Melbourne. Whether it was Crisis Communication in a zombie apocalypse or What economic games teach us about the world there was something for everyone!

It was not only an opportunity to learn from different areas but they shared which careers are growing the most and have an anticipated growth rate heading into the future. As data scientists are growing at a 35% rate, hopefully, the students who attended What Makes a Good IT Professional found it valuable. Interestingly they talked about the soft skills that students should try to come into university with such as good communication and research skills and assured them of the hard skills they would develop while in university.

It was fascinating to hear from industry experts why Chat-GPT is getting better and what the exciting future is. Did you know that they can figure out who wrote a text based on your text patterns? It’s even possible to figure out whether Chat-GPT wrote it and who prompted it. Our presenter was working with police in Melbourne to develop this ability so they could figure out who online harassers are. Our students got to hear from real-life industry experts about what is happening in the industry and how and what they should study in order to do what they are most interested in. 

Did you know that…

There is a need to address the issue of young women aged 14-24 being constantly harassed online. To tackle this problem, an AI is being developed for use on social media platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok. The hope is that this AI will contribute to a positive transformation online. The person behind this project is interested in initiatives that have a significant impact on human lives and that resonate with his personal values.