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UNISMUN Retreat at the Green One UN House!

On Saturday on 11 May, 2024, the UNISMUN Leadership team has visited Green One UN House (GOUNH) for the UNISMUN retreat of May 2024. Leadership team members had a chance to brainstorm the timeline of tasks as we transition into the November 2024 and March 2025 UNISMUN conference, as well as to build greater trust, and communication between each members and department. At the same time, the mission of every member during this retreat was to find out each other’s values and commitments to UNISMUN.

During the retreat, the Staff at GOUNH held a presentation on Green Transition at GOUNH, explaining the sustainability of the green facilities in the building. Moreover, the Leadership team also had an opportunity to take a building tour to understand more about GOUNH and its Green Transition campaign before we began our planning sessions.

Following up with the hard work of conference planning were lots of energizer activities from the SGs, PGAs, and DSGs along with a well deserved lunch party from Bao Wow with delicious fusion food. At the end of the lunch party, we said our goodbyes to leaving members of the Leadership team with a lot of sweets from the cakes and smiles from everyone, as we thanked them for all the hard work and commitment for UNISMUN.

Finally, at the last part of the UNISMUN retreat, each HoDs and Deputies had a chance to have a short presentation to introduce their department’s “Needs & Leads” for the upcoming year and expectations from other departments to complete these plans. Each department made their presentations creative and engaging with hidden games like “count the images of Mr A’s” or “find the hidden word”, etc.

Overall, the UNISMUN retreat was a great opportunity for the Leadership team to know more about each department, and at the same time, be able to build more trust and communication with each other. The Leadership team have used the time of this retreat wisely and effectively to establish the agenda for the very busy school year of 24-25. The UNISMUN retreat has come to an end with great success and with an anticipation of upcoming events. We would like to thank the GOUNH and our UNISMUN Directors for hosting our Leadership retreat at such a wonderful facility.