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UNISMUN Conference a Huge Success!

UNISMUN March Conference and UNISMUN November 2022 Conference was a Success!

UNISMUN is gathering internal students to participate in UNISMUN 2023 March conference as a chair. If you’re interested, we encourage you to sign-up for the chair application that closes on Tuesday, 22 November so please remember to fill it out!

The UNISMUN 2022 November Conference on 11-12 November was held successfully at UNIS Hanoi. It was the first face-to-face UNISMUN conference since 2020 and the UNISMUN Leadership Team has put a lot of effort to make this conference successful. UNISMUN would first like to thank the MUN leadership team, technology team, media corps, admins, operation teams, canteen staff, and cleaners for helping UNISMUN to prepare and process the conference. Also, we would like to thank all the internal and external delegates and chairs who were engaged and entertaining during the conference. 

We are happy to see delegates and chairs from 12 total schools enter the fruitful debates and raise countless POIs! We had 12 committees total spread out between 6 buildings on the UNIS Hanoi Campus. Lan Nguyen, a student from Concordia International School of Hanoi and a delegate of Myanmar in the United Nations Membership Council, has stated that: “This was my first time at UNIS Hanoi, and it is fantastic. The debates in my committee are interesting and never seen before”. She later adds on that even though there are moments of frustration, the conference was fun overall. 

“One thing I really enjoyed was the cooperation and development behind the scenes days prior by the leadership team and watching all our planning being flushed out even with the problems we encountered overall it was nice to see our efforts come to fruition,” said Ivan, the Head of Department of the admin team. 

The UNISMUN admin team worked very hard before and during the conference. They were very helpful and supportive to the external delegates and chairs to guide them around campus.

This was one of the first MS UNISMUN experiences that we had. Having over 40 delegates and two committees, their conference was held on Saturday, 12 November. Perry Baek, the Head of ES/MS Training Department, says “We are very proud of all of our delegates, as they are only in middle school, yet showed so much development in their skills”. 

Lastly, we had our closing ceremony which we had all of our chairs present a 90 second speech that followed with lots of laughter and cheering from the audiences. As the conference comes to an end, gavels were handed out to chairs to keep as a small souvenir as their experiences in UNISMUN. Once again, we would like to thank the full leadership team, the admin team, the media team, the technology team, Ms Giang, and last but not least Mr Anagnost, Mr Grana, and Ms Bario.

Following the glorious success of the UNISMUN 2022 November Conference, UNISMUN would like to introduce the new Security General, Annie Jang, and the President of the General Assembly, David Lee for the UNISMUN 2023 March Conference. The theme of the conference is: What can we do to bring balance to the growing asymmetries of power? 

We hope to see all of you in our next upcoming UNISMUNS March Conference! For further inquiries contact sanagnost@unishanoi.orgagrana@unishanoi.org, and make sure to listen to the UNIS MUN Rager Radio podcast and check our UNISMUN Website, Instagram and Tik Tok for further updates!!!