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UNISMUN at The ISPPMUN Conference!!!

Last week Thursday, on October 19, the ISPPMUN conference participants of UNIS Hanoi took a flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for the 12th annual ISPP Conference. 

Even with our UNISMUN November Conference coming up on 4 & 5 November, we were very excited for the ISPPMUN conference!!! 

On the journey to Phnom Penh, the team finalised all resolutions and speeches for the conference. On the way to Phnom Penh, the UNISMUN travelling team played bingo about topics in the  ISPPMUN and Cambodian history, and discussed the team’s resolutions and topics based on their country delegation. 

On Day 2 of the travel, the ISPPMUN travelling team was able to go on a field trip to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S21). The genocide in Cambodia was documented in the museum, located in a former secondary school in Phnom Penh.

Tuol Sleng was used as Security Prison 21 by the Khmer Rouge government from 1975 until its collapse in 1979The systematic persecution and murder of Cambodian citizens by the Khmer Rouge, led by Communist Party of Cambodia General Secretary Pol Pot, was known as the genocide in Cambodia. Between 1975 and 1979, it caused the deaths of 1.5 to 2 million people, roughly 25% of Cambodia’s total population in 1975. 

Our ISPPMUN travelling team had the honour to talk to survivors of the Khmer Rouge from Tuoi Sleng, and heard the real experience of those who survived the cruelty of the prison. Our travelling team was honoured to listen to the survivor of the Tuol Sleng. Our UNISMUN Secretary General, Greta Mawe reflected on the visit, “The sight is an important part of history and I think it’s important to bear witness of the events and experiences that took place in Tuoi Sleng so the human atrocities are never repeated or forgotten. We all walked out silenced but in a sense of understanding and respect.”

On the 3rd day of travelling, the team was actively participating in the ISPPMUN October Conference. The theme of the conference chosen by ISPPMUN team was “‘Partnerships, Progress, Peace.’ According to Seo Young Kim, the Secretary General of 2023 ISPP conference, it was intended to express the significance of teamwork and cooperation in building a sustainable future and promoting world peace.

The ISPPMUN participants have a responsibility to actively participate in thoughtful discussions and develop significant resolutions that will improve the state of the world in regard to the numerous conflicts and disagreements that exist around the world. We had a large team of 4 chairs and 21 delegates participating in ISPPMUN conference. On the last day of the conference, all the participants were gathered up to engage in the plenary debate on two resolutions: The Question of Rehabilitation of Criminals and The Question of Human Rights Violations Against Refugees and Displaced Persons. 

ISPPMUN Delegate of Russia in Security Council, Greta Mawe, commented, “As it was my second ISPP conference I was delighted to reunite with friends from previous conferences and the debate was very enjoyable. In the Security Council we had a few informal resolutions and debates which was fun. At the same time, the Security Council was able to debate on urgent topics like the Israel-Palestine situation.”

Looking forward to seeing you at our UNISMUN November Conference on 4 & 5 November!!!