UNIS Impact Fund - Supporting Big Idea Goals!

The UNIS Impact Fund is designed to empower students to realise their ideas to help “Change the World for Good!” And thanks to our community's generosity they can see their dreams put into action. The Fund support Big Idea GOALS and Project Funding GRANTS to ensure that there is something for everyone!

Last year, the School Community Organisation donated US$20,000 which is being put to work with small project grants, and we also launched a community fundraising campaign to support two Big Idea GOALS chosen by our students; implementing Solar Power on Campus and creating a UNIS Hanoi Botanical Garden. 

We raised $43,109 for the Big Idea GOALS, and this year we will be working with two community task forces to implement the projects. 

As the school year started, we were excited to receive 32 beautiful, healthy potted plants from a father and son team of environmental inventors! The donation from Long Tran (Grade 12) and his father, Mr Thanh Tran marks the beginning of the UNIS Botanical Garden!

And they are not just any old plant pots! They are made out of recycled construction materials like paint buckets and wooden pallets. More importantly, the pots have a special design for low maintenance with self-watering capabilities, which means the plants require less watering than if they were in the conventional plant pots.

Inspired by his father's passion for bringing more green space into city life, Long suggested the idea to the UNIS Botanical Garden Taskforce of which he is a member. Over the summer, Long spent time working with his father to experiment the weather resilience of different plants. He enthusiastically shared "we can think about bringing a larger variety of plant species and designing more creative and sustainable ways to green our campus".

The fundraising campaign for the UNIS Botanical Garden and Solar Power on Campus will continue this year and we will be bring you stories of #UNISImpactAction every week!