UNIS Hanoi’s Triathlete Nurse Leads by Example

UNIS Hanoi’s School Nurse, Lan Anh Nguyen says she’s proof that it’s never too late to take up a healthy hobby. The 54 year-old took up long distance running just five years ago after she watched a friend participate in the Song Hong Half Marathon. 

Lan Anh, who has worked at UNIS Hanoi for almost fifteen years, explained, “In 2015, I went to support a friend who was running in a half marathon. I followed him on my bike from the Start Line to the Finish Line. During the race, I was so inspired by what I saw - dedicated runners as well as their supporters cheering them from the side of the road. I thought to myself, 'if so many people, young and old, looked so happy when they were running such long distances, I should give running a try too!'”


Five years on, Lan Anh has participated in six major races, including the Ha Long Heritage Marathon, the Vietnam Trail Marathon and the Moc Chau Vietnam Jungle Marathon. Her love of these events has grown so much, she recently participated in the Sunset Bay Triathlon too. 

Lan Anh hopes to continue these sports for as long as possible and not only because she enjoys them, she’s aware of the health benefits too. She shared, “Long distance running and triathlons offer so many benefits. These sports boost immunity, increase endorphins (known as the happy hormone), and can help prevent diabetes, hypertension, gout, insomnia, depression and much more! I certainly plan to continue running, cycling and swimming for as long as I can!”