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UNIS Hanoi’s ES Principal to Speak at School Leaders’ Event

UNIS Hanoi’s Elementary School Principal, Megan Brazil, has been invited to speak at a conference for international school leaders about how the School has embedded the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into its long term strategy. 

Organised by ISC Research, the Edruptors@School Conference is a three day event that aims to give school leaders the opportunity to learn about “strategic planning, continual improvement and community development”. Taking place virtually from June 21 to June 23, the conference has already attracted more than 500 delegates. 

Ms Brazil will speak on the first day of the conference as part of a four-person-panel. She said, “When the UN launched Agenda 2030 and their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seven years ago, we could see so many natural links between the SDGs and our own UN-inspired vision which is to be ‘an inspirational role model for a better world’.

Remarking on the importance of sharing UNIS Hanoi’s experiences with other educators, Ms Brazil said, “If we, as school leaders, don’t prioritise these urgent global goals, our children won’t have much of an earth to inherit. We are raising them to be both problem and solution finders who care deeply about their contributions to a global society. Our goal as educators is to help move students from individualist to collectivist thinking as they move out into the world as global citizens. I am happy to be a part of the Edruptors@School Conference because I think that we’re a school that lives our mission deeply and we can be so proud of the work we are doing to tie the SDGs to learning at all levels.”

To learn more about the Edruptors@School Conference, please visit: https://iscresearch.com/events/edruptorsschool-conference/