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UNIS Hanoi HS Science Teacher Joseph Christie Published Science Fiction Novel!

UNIS Hanoi HS Science teacher Joseph Christie has published Xylo, a middle-grade science fiction novel!


If you look up into the night sky and squint just right, you may see a fuzzy, blue, blinking star. Squint even more and you may even see a little bit of red and yellow around it. What you might think is, “My, that is a most peculiar star,” but that’s because it isn’t a star at all. In fact, it’s the most well-known galactic convenience store in our galaxy. It’s the Cosmic Trading Post! Mal still had moments when he could hardly believe his good fortune. He could still remember the day when was introduced to the living starship Solaris Nova back on Earth. Since then the two had become incredibly close friends and traveled the galaxy together. No matter where they journeyed, it was always the Cosmic Trading Post they returned to. Mr. Monkeybottom, the owner of the shop, always had new deliveries for Mal and Nova to pick up. However, this time something was different. Instead of something specific, Mal was only given a clue and the name of the planet. What was on Xylo that he and Nova were meant to find? Join Mal and Solaris Nova on their adventure to Xylo in the first book in the Cosmic Trading Post series. Overcoming obstacles and developing friendships help construct the main story arc written by Joseph Christie. This science fiction story is full of vivid imagery and challenges, a great fit for independent readers who love adventures in space and on unique worlds. (By Amazon.com)