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UNIS Hanoi Dominates Hanoi Moi Race!

An enthusiastic group of UNIS Hanoi students, parents and faculty participated in the 48th annual Hanoi Moi Race for Peace! This is the 17th year that UNIS Hanoi has entered a group under the organization of our wonderful PHE Teaching Assistant, Mr. Phi.

The student-athletes were made up of our Secondary School Cross Country team that trains twice a week in the mornings with Coach Jane Gibbons and Coach Charlie Moore. Their effort paid off big time with UNIS Hanoi racers taking podium spots in both categories!

Jade (G8) finished in 2nd place, Coach Gibbons in 3rd place, and high schooler Susannah (G11) finished in 5th place for the international women’s category.

Mr Jarman finished in 1st place for the international men’s category with Otis (G8) in 2nd place and Simon (G8) in 4th place.

Congratulations to all of the participants!