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UNIS Hanoi announces new Head of School commencing August 2025

The UNIS Hanoi Board of Directors is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Elizabeth M. Gale as the 9th incoming Head of School for UNIS Hanoi, commencing in August 2025.

Dr Gale brings a wealth of experience from her time at Taipei American School, coupled with a track record of exceptional leadership across several highly regarded international schools, including the Shanghai Community International School and the American International School of Guangzhou. Her impressive career is marked by her leadership in forward-thinking educational initiatives, fostering diversity and inclusion, and aligning school missions with strategic objectives. She has been instrumental in optimising resources and reinforcing a culture of sustainable innovation, collaboration, and cohesion.

Among her many accomplishments, Dr Gale has a passion for creating nurturing environments that prioritise intellectual curiosity and personal growth, aligning strongly with the values and mission of UNIS Hanoi. Her commitment to furthering the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fostering the United Nations (UN) values into the school’s curriculum further underscores her dedication to global citizenship and sustainable education.

Dr Gale’s appointment comes after an extensive search, recruitment, and evaluation process, which included in-person meetings with a broad range of UNIS Hanoi community stakeholders. As she prepares to take on this new role, Dr Gale has expressed her enthusiasm for joining UNIS Hanoi, emphasising how the alignment of her professional and personal values with the school’s mission and vision is a source of great excitement for her. 

As we prepare to welcome Dr Gale, we would also like to take this moment to express our gratitude to Jane McGee for her excellent leadership over the past six years, including during the very challenging pandemic years. Jane’s dedication and commitment have been invaluable to our community, and we deeply appreciate her contributions.

The Board is committed to supporting Dr Gale and her family over the next year as she begins her transition to leading our school. We will ensure a smooth transition between Jane McGee and Dr Gale, planning several opportunities for stakeholders to meet and connect with Dr Gale throughout the 2024-2025 academic year.

We greatly look forward to welcoming Dr Gale and her family to the UNIS Hanoi community. We are confident that Dr. Gale’s leadership will greatly enrich our students’ learning experiences and enhance the achievement of our school’s mission and vision. 

Please join us in welcoming Dr Gale and in celebrating the outstanding contributions of Jane McGee. We look forward to an exciting new chapter for UNIS Hanoi under Dr Gale’s leadership.

Learn more about Dr Gale through her interview with International Schools Services (ISS) - https://iss.education/l-gale.