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UNIS Botanical Garden Goes Live

The Garden of Philanthropy – phase 2 of our UNIS Botanical Garden project – has completed its final touch this week by welcoming 35 Koi fish to the pond, just in time for UNIS’s Birthday next Monday. And what a great joy to see Grade 3 students and teachers already having fun in their “outdoor class” in the garden!

The Garden of Philanthropy is the latest addition to our Botanical Garden – a student inspired project created through the UNIS Impact Fund. It’s a formal garden celebrating  indigenous Vietnamese plants, featuring mini, themed gardens inspired by 5 mythical animals in Vietnamese culture:

  • LONG (Dragon): the alumni arboretum garden
  • LÂN (Unicorn): the sensory garden
  • QUY (Turtle): the medicinal and kitchen herb garden
  • PHUỢNG (Phoenix): the flower garden
  • CÁ (Fish): the fish pond

We are developing an enriched plant database for the garden which will be connected to an online learning site with detailed information about each of the featured plants. Together with UNIS Cultural Collection, this Garden of Philanthropy will be another educational resource for the community to learn more about Vietnam in a meaningful way, both made possible through philanthropy.

The Botanical Garden will be officially launched during our UN Day celebrations the week of November 7.