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The Amazing Ambassador Ann Måwe from Sweden was our GPS Visiting Expert

We were extremely lucky to have had the chance to learn from a master of diplomacy, international relations, & Middle East affairs, Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe, our guest speaker

Ambassador Måwe is about to complete her 5th year in Vietnam, a country she and her family will only call home for another few months.

When asked by SeoHo about how she developed her career, Ambassador Måwe said that her career path was a bit atypical you might say. She told us that she was very engaged in politics and political issues, as early as high school and knew she wanted to make a difference. But she also knew that “…so many people will apply to university and to jobs in the foreign service or foreign sector with all the same things on their CV. You need to do something and study something that will allow you to stand out”.

Ambassador Måwe’s career developed along that principle. She studied oriental studies at Uppsala University and has a Masters from SOAS, the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London.

“For me” said GPSer Sussanah, “what stood out was Ambassador Måwe’s time in Jerusalem and all the activities going on at once. What a contrast to the work that she did with the United Nations in New York.”

Norman wanted to find out more about “…your schedule and scheduling. How do you fit it all in?”.

Ambassador Måwe was very candid about the role that personal assistants and other support staff play in the work life of an Ambassador “…they plan things knowing what needs to be planned. They can infer and interpret what is needed”.

We discussed the different projects the Swedish International Development Agency is working on in Vietnam, which Hugo noted was “…very focused in on the idea of innovation” as well as the Swedish companies that are increasingly more active and engaged in Vietnam

Given recent events, naturally Ambassador Måwe spoke with us about Sweden’s role in the European Union, Sweden’s position on EU enlargement, particularly Ukraine, Moldova, & Turkey, and the impact that Sweden’s membership in NATO might have on that alliance.

Sound fascinating? It was. We learned so much. 

As with all of our visiting experts, we had a chance to share with Ambassador Måwe some of our ideas and we are excited to have her on our team before she leaves for her next post.