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That’s a Wrap for UNISMUN March 2023 Conference!

The UNISMUN March conference held last week from the 2-4 March has ended with great success! We have had 16 schools from all around the globe, coming together in various committees to discuss what can we do to “bring balance to the growing asymmetries of power”.

First, UNISMUN would like to thank the UNIS directors; Mr. Anagnost, Mr. Grana, and Ms. Barrio for their great passion in assembling this event. We would also like to thank the canteen staff and cleaners for helping prepare for the conference each day!

We have had 11 committees exploring numerous relevant themes, ranging from topics such as human rights in the “Human Rights council” or “Population Movement council” to topics of development and security, for instance in the “Security Council” or “United Nations Environment Assembly”. 

The delegates were able to produce interesting POIs, remaining concentrated and showing great enthusiasm throughout the 3-day conference. Chairs were there to help delegates have their debate smoothly and effectively, at times providing fun bonding activities for their committee such as karaoke (many songs including the infamous “HUMBLE.” by Kendrick Lamar performed in the committee rooms).

Admins, although often seen in the background, were one of the driving factors of this conference — they made it possible that every delegate and chair were getting the full, quality experience of UNISMUN by providing goods, designing nametags, and more. 

The Media team, despite the small number of members, cooperated effectively to get as much quality footage, both images, and videos, while simultaneously producing a 3-minute video played at the ending ceremony. 

The Tech team was on standby at all times when a difficulty was encountered — many times problem-solving in a timely manner for unexpected issues. All students involved have done tremendous work for this conference — as one of our directors, Mr. A stated in the leadership meeting, this conference showed an extremely high level of student leadership and student organisation, possibly never seen before.

On the first night, our UNISMUN team had also planned a full chair dinner with all of the internal and external chairs inside Alfreco’s Ciputra. There was pasta, ribs, barbeque chicken, salad, and garlic bread! The chairs spent the night talking to one another about their diverse backgrounds and how enthusiastic they were for UNISMUN.

On the second night, we also prepared a banquet night with a buffet dinner with all 350 UNISMUN’ers. David Lee (President of the General Assembly) and Annie Jang (Secretary General) had led the night with musical chairs, a quiz, and a performance night that made everyone leave with a smile on their faces! 

The Middle School UNISMUN was held on the last day of the conferences, with 3 committees and 4 schools from Hanoi. Many delegates were beginners to the MUN procedure, and the chairs (who are also Middle School students), were there to lead and assist the delegates to express their ideas.

The ending ceremony was held with many cheers and at times, tears. During the chair speeches, much laughter can be heard from the students’ seats and during the closing video featuring the “HandClap” song, the hall was filled with students clapping to the beat.

Following this successful conference under Secretary General, Annie Jang and President of General Assembly, David Lee, we would like to introduce that these positions will be passed down to a new Secretary General, Dagmar (Greta) Mawe, and President of General Assembly, Young Woo Ko for the upcoming November Conference 2023! All photos are on the UNISMUN website.