Supporting the Wellbeing of our Community

Please join us for what promises to be an outstanding session offered by Lisa Hekel, a licensed clinical social worker associated with the Truman Group, a psychological counseling group that offers mental health services for expatriates around the world.  

Lisa will present an informative and practical session for all UNIS Hanoi parents on Monday April, 18 at 19.00.  A description of the webinar can be found below.  

A Narrative That Makes Sense: Supporting International Schools in the Midst of a Pandemic 

This presentation will highlight grief, trauma, and vulnerability caused by the duration of this international experience, as well as basic mental health issues and offer tools to improve self care and community resilience.

About the Presenter:  Lisa Hekel  (MSW, LCSW) is a licensed clinical social worker, who has been providing clinical treatment for over 18 years in a variety of settings including private practice, school-based, outpatient and disaster/crisis response. As an expatriate, Lisa has spent over ten years providing personalized services world-wide, using her experiences to support individuals and their families living cross-culturally, including issues related to unaccompanied deployment. Her work with active duty military and veterans focuses on adjustment and trauma issues using an integrative style of mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral interventions. She specializes in issues related to grief, loss, and attachment, through a solution focused approach. Lisa has extensive experience working alongside international schools providing guidance for teachers and administrations in regards to the unique needs of transient students and their families. She meets clients where they are at and guides them through purposeful and goal oriented practice.

As we continue to find ways to navigate through this pandemic together, staying healthy and well for ourselves and our children, highlighting the importance of good mental health has never been more important.

We hope you will join us for this session.  Full details, including the Zoom link, can be found on the Veracross calendar.





Jane McGee