Significant People in Grade 1 Classrooms

This has been an exciting week for Grade 1 as our students have welcomed Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Albert Einstein, Malala Yousafzai, and other significant members of our own family and community into our Grade 1 classrooms.

After 6 weeks of researching the effect of significant people on the world, the students chose someone who was meaningful to them. Their chosen person did not have to be famous, they were simply someone inspiring to our students. After preparing a speech and considering their significant person’s connection to the SDGs, they underwent an exciting transformation!








Thanks to Mr Big C and Ms Nhan in the MakerSpace, Grade 1 students were transported through time, around the globe and even into space, to find themselves in the shoes of their significant people. It was very exciting to learn from all of our young scientists, activists, film directors, musicians, artists, writers, sportspeople, astronauts and more.

Thank you families for supporting our students in their explorations and for some of the wonderful props and costumes provided.