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Secondary Talent Show – It’s a Wrap!

On 12 April, the HS Senate organised a Talent Show, showcasing the amazing talents of middle and high school students. The performances were of great variety, such as vocals, band performances, a ballet act, and instrumentals featuring guitar and piano. The show was hosted by Yannic Alexander (12) and Svea Schmidt (12) as the Master of Ceremonies. 

Mr. Cody Taggart, Mr. Stephan Anagnost, and Dr. Kelly Thomas participated as judges for the event, providing great encouragement and support to the performers.

After the show, the winners were announced for three of the following categories:

The Audience’s Vote was awarded to Zaria (G8) and Heidi (G8) for their live singing performance of Keyshia Cole’s “Love”.

The Senate’s Vote was awarded to Cloud 9, a band group with Chaeyeon (G11), Kelly (G11), Se In (G11), Seowon (G11), and Seo Yeon (G11), for their live performance of Stephan Sanchez’s “Until I Found You”.

The Judges’ Vote was awarded to Yuriko (G10) for her live ballet performance.

With a total of 7 acts, the Secondary Talent Show was indeed a great success. Thank you, and congratulations to all the performers and participants in the Talent Show.