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Second Annual Robocoder Event Huge Success

On Saturday (12 April) we hosted the 2nd annual UNIS Robocoders event. It was a truly inspiring day as around 100 elementary and secondary students from all over Hanoi gathered in our school to participate. B8B was transformed into a technological playground with 6 dedicated spaces with unique and stimulating challenges from the world of coding and robotics.

Roughly 40 ES students teamed up to earn as many points as they could in the Robocoders Passport. The future engineers and coders, created light paintings in the Sphero Dark room, they navigated a detailed maze system using Dash robots, they coded Lego Wedo bots to complete specific challenges, and jumped on Code.org to create fun apps. They learned valuable skills in coding but more importantly through teamwork, they developed important communication and collaborative skills as well. 

A special thanks goes to the ES Tech Leadership Team which are a group of students who served as judges for the event. They are: Jun S. Ben D., Luka F., Nuki D., Beomseok K., and John Kim. Thank you for your help!

After lunch, attention was turned to the secondary school VEX IQ teams of UNIS, Concordia, True North and Reigate who spent the morning building their bots to compete in “Full Volume” this years’ VEX IQ game. Two teams ally together to try and earn points by clearing and stacking blocks in corner containers. This collaborative format promotes relationship building and connection.

We are excited to host and promote more opportunities like this in the future. Thanks to the Robocoders organising team of Brycen Davis, Neal Clark, Nhan Nguyen, Kimber Cote and Toby Jarman. And another round of thanks to the ops team for help setting up and the activities team for their support!