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SANSE – A meaningful Service Trip to School in Ban Lien

SANSE’s mission is to help provide logistical and educational help to the school in Ban Lien. This week, as work connected to our mission, nine members of the SANSE group went on a three day two night trip up to Ban Lien to meet and interact with the students there. We took this opportunity to learn more about our partner school as well as better understand how we can provide the help they require.

We’ve had a wonderful three days filled with meaningful service experiences at the school, tea fields, and the SANSE tea factory. On Monday, we led activities, games, sports events, and English language lessons at the school. We also learned about the history and socio-economic context of the families SANSE impacts, and spoke with school leadership about avenues for action and continued partnership. 

We ended our Monday afternoon with a walk through tea fields on the side of the mountain led by students at the school. We had a lovely meal and finished debriefing the trip so we can bring back helpful information for the rest of our group.

Our members share some thoughts on the trip:

It’s a pleasure to come to our School in Ban Lien as a service learning group. I look forward to future support from UNIS Hanoi families to help out students there and improve their living conditions!” – Duc, G9

Seeing the school and the tea plantation, I saw the mission of SANSE in a better perspective. It’s easy to think of charities like this as a one sided affair yet seeing that machinery and the labor put in to better their circumstances gave SANSE new meaning.” – Tor, G9

All the people, the students in Ban Lien are really nice and friendly.  We hope that next time we will have the chance to improve the accommodation for the boarding students there, and of course, more amazing activities with them.” – Minh, G9

Something I would like to take action on after visiting the school in Bác Ha is supplying the kids with the stationary they need to improve their education. Tthey still are missing a lot of basic stationery that we could donate and raise money to buy.” – Quan, G9

Something I would like to take action on after visiting the school in Bac Ha is improving the students living condition. They’re currently living with 20 other roommates with only 5 bunk beds, and I would like to support them with that.” – Biama, G9

We are excited about our work in the future, and look forward to engaging our UNIS community!