MYP Design Students Experience Instant Noodles

For those parents and caregivers that have been scratching their head, trying to figure out why their children seem to have suddenly picked up a strange interest in instant noodles: It is not because we are combating malnutrition at UNIS Hanoi. The MYP Design team has chosen instant noodles as the object of study for the first two weeks of Distance Learning. 

Instant noodles are a seemingly simple and everyday product, that actually is a result of a remarkable amount of design thinking across several disciplines. There is significant food technology involved in the dehydration of the ingredients and in the composition of the flavouring. The cup needs to be cheap, lightweight, appropriately disposable, but at the same time strong and with good heat insulation. Packaging needs to be such that the product is attractive but also has a long shelf-life. And sometimes the cups even come with nifty foldable cutlery! Oh … and it needs to taste good.

Each grade level was set different tasks to analyze the design of instant noodles. These tasks link directly to particular steps of the design cycle: our tool to tackle challenging projects, big and small. We have written design specifications, made concept drawings, developed instructions for the preparation of instant noodles, evaluated the impact of too much instant noodles etc. All this has allowed us to establish systems around the logistics of Distance Learning, to evoke prior learning and to get to know your children as designers.

We hope this has been a topic of discussion at your dinner table! Enjoy some of the great work below done by your children.