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MSHS Sustainability Club Taking Lead on the Plastic Recycling Programme

The UNIS Sustainability Centre is getting busy as ever these days with our “plastic warriors” from the MSHS Sustainability Club! Yes, they are ready to take action!

This week, the group visited the Recycling Hub to check out the 1st batch of plastic (almost 3m3) that is ready to be shipped to Plastic People in HCMC. These plastics will be sorted and turned into useful items such as building materials, furniture, etc. The students will have opportunity to follow the journey of these plastics through the auditing and report process with Plastic People. They are also busy planning for their promotional campaign to get community members on board in this important programme.


There are boxes for:

  • UNIS Hanoi PE kit
  • Masks
  • Foam
  • Tetra paks
  • Soft plastic
  • Hard plastic

The UNIS Sustainability Centre is part of the UNIS Botanical Garden which is a resource designed by and for our learning community and made possible by the philanthropy of our UNIS Impact Fund in partnership with our Sustainability Committee.