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MS Peace and Justice Council Retreat

Our Middle School Peace and Justice  Council recently engaged in their annual retreat. This is a time for our Peace and Justice Council to reflect on their work over the years, make connections between personal and community leadership, and think critically about how they can make an impact in the current school year. It was a productive, fun, and inspiring afternoon spent together.

Council members spent time reaffirming their mission statement and reframing their collective beliefs. The team also worked to establish three critical issues and objectives that will be the focus of their work this year, and began training on listening strategies for their “talk about it Tuesday” sessions. Listening is an essential skill of peace, justice, and belonging. Our council has committed to continuing their listening workshops and training throughout the year to support their work as allies, advocates, and leaders for peace. 

A big thank you to our incredible Peace and Justice Council members for their dedication to making our school more peaceful and just.