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Mandarin Storytelling

In Secondary Mandarin classes, students read different picture books to extend their vocabulary and to enhance their Mandarin skills. Earlier this month, our intermediate-high and mid students went to the elementary school to share stories they read with the Grade 4 and Grade 5 Mandarin students in Mandarin.

View Gallery below!

The collaborative activity between secondary Mandarin students and elementary school students yields multifaceted learning outcomes for both groups. For secondary students, sharing stories in Mandarin facilitates language proficiency through real-world application while also practicing their teaching and communication skills. Additionally, such activities foster cultural understanding and confidence as our students engage with younger peers. Meanwhile, elementary students benefit from exposure to advanced vocabulary and interesting stories, enhancing their language abilities. Interacting with older students also bolsters their engagement and motivation to learn Mandarin, while improving comprehension skills through listening and asking questions.

Overall, this exchange creates a dynamic learning environment that nurtures language skills, and interpersonal competencies for all students.