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Luu Tuyen Workroom Four Grade 11 Trip

Hanoi’s burgeoning art scene offers a treasure trove of experiences for aspiring artists, and recently, the grade 11 Visual Art DP classes took a trip to Workroom Four Art gallery in Tay Ho to explore the works of Vietnamese artist Luu Tuyen. 

Beyond simply appreciating the finished artworks, the class gained valuable insights into Tuyen’s unique artistic process. His use of oil paintings broken with the intention to be put back together, highlighting the cracks between using a combination of resin and lacquer techniques further demonstrates the power in the artistic process. This insider’s perspective is invaluable for any aspiring artist, as it demystifies the creative process and reveals the dedication and experimentation that goes into crafting a masterpiece.

This visit wasn’t just an art appreciation exercise; it was a catalyst for the grade 11 students’ own artistic development and future exhibition curation. Inspired by Tuyen’s deconstruction and transformation techniques, the aim is to focus on the creative journey integral to the DP course component, Process Portfolio. 

The field trip to Workroom Four served as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of art. By encountering Luu Tuyen’s unique works in person, students not only gained a deeper appreciation for contemporary Vietnamese art but also added to their experience of viewing work first hand.