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‘Lost and Found’ DP Art Exhibition

UNIS Hanoi proudly presents our DP Art exhibition which opened on April 9. The exhibition, titled ‘Lost and Found’, showcases the creative work of nine Grade 12 students, who have pursued DP Arts during the past two years. Enthusiasm, creativity, and joy filled the Centre for the Arts foyer as members of the community came together to celebrate the inaugural exhibition of our young artists.

Congratulations to:

  • 🎨🎨🎨Diana with Urban Legends
  • 🎨Hoang Anh with A Piece of Childhood
  • 🎨Hoang with Bird Cage
  • 🎨Manu with Cardinal Temptation
  • 🎨Minh Chau with Expression Unveiled: A Journey through Human Emotions and Identity
  • 🎨Phuong with Reflections of Addiction: Exploring the Psyche of Addiction and Mental Health
  • 🎨Luisa with the Whispers of Yesteryears
  • 🎨Shoji with Copy Selves
  • 🎨Phuong with Start

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and for inspiring us all. Please keep on exploring, finding your voice, and creating that ‘unique magic’ that is all your own.

Parents and friends, if you plan to be on campus during the next two weeks, please stop by for a visit. The ‘Lost and Found’ exhibition will be open until April 27.

Enjoy the photos special from the opening event: