Let’s Make It Happen, Together!

Start the year in solidarity with our students’ dreams!

They have told us that they want a school powered by Solar Energy. Together, we can make that happen.

Please show your support by participating in the UNIS Impact Fund campaign which is raising funds to implement solar power at UNIS Hanoi.

If all our roof space were used for solar panels UNIS Hanoi would be able to generate as much as 50% of all its power needs without any impact on the environment and AQI. As a UN school dedicated to building a better world, who if not us, should be the first solar powered school in Vietnam?

And by acting together we can make it happen! Every donation makes a difference. Even if your family participates with a small gift, every family’s participation helps leverage the support of partners who see a community committed to the project. Potential major supporters are excited to see community participation figures grow.

And of course the fundraising will also support an exciting new living learning resource too – The UNIS Hanoi Botanical Garden. Our students will start to see the grass area next to the bus stop on campus transform this semester.

Both projects need your support. Help us hit our participation goals by Tết so we can celebrate a community united in support of student dreams and put the projects into action!


And a huge THANK YOU to those of you that have already made a donation to our UNIS Impact Fund campaign.

Did you know:

  • 49% of the gifts that we have received comes from our faculty and staff
  • 33% of the gifts that we have received comes from Vietnamese families
  • 6% of all families and 14% of all faculty and staff have made gifts to far – this is the number we hope to push higher. Let's aim for 50% by the end of the year!
  • $21,509 has been raised, just within 4 weeks of our active campaign this year
  • $64,618 is the grand total of our last year and this year fundraising effort

We’ve reached 65% of our $100,000 fundraising goal! And it’s now up to your participation to show our students “Let’s Make It Happen, Together!”