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Launching a National Climate Learning Hub!

On the eve of Global UN Day, seven High School students represented UNIS Hanoi at the national launch by UNDP of their Youth4Climate Climate Change Learning Hub.

Our students were part of a group working with UNDP to give early reaction and feedback to the bi-lingual site ahead of its launch. They joined the official launch event with hundreds of other young climate activists to hear from the youth authors of the report being sent from Vietnam for COP26.

The Climate Action Learning Hub has been designed for young people by young people and will be curated ongoing by a team of expert youth activists to ensure the quality of the content (available in English and Vietnamese).

Read more from two of our students below. Our thanks to the dedicated team:

  • Hee Su Park G12
  • Young Geun (Andy) Choi G10
  • Harsh Shrivastav G11
  • Ellie Cheng G9
  • Ha Eun (Avery) Kim G12
  • Minseo Kang G9
  • Se In Lee G9

The learning hub was a great experience to learn and know more about the big plans and the next steps of climate action. It also provided valuable information and lead me to think from various perspectives either than just the environmental aspect of climate change. This made me more aware of how this climate crisis is a farther complex issue and again reminded me of the importance of taking action now. The learning hub didn’t answer all my inquiries, although, but it definitely did help me to be more aware of what is going on around me and what it is to happen.  (Se In Lee, Grade 9)

The UNDP launched a conference last Friday introducing their goals towards climate change and the purpose of the Youth4Climate event. With over 600 youth attendees, it has been a success. This opportunity was significant because it allowed me to play a role in the improvement of global warming, so it was the perfect opportunity captured when undertaking climate actions. From this experience, I realized that the ignorance of the science behind climate change has led to the lack of quality solutions contrary to global warming. Therefore, the Youth4Climate learning hub, an interactive online platform built by Vietnamese youth with the support of UNDP Vietnam, has been launched. It is a reliable source of studies and scientific reports on global warming topics such as climate science, ecosystems, energy, materials, waste, and climate policy. Through consistent efforts and enhanced collaboration with the government, UN agencies, development partners, private sector, the Youth4Climate initiative aims to strengthen the social network and raise environmental awareness of the youth. With aspirations to empower us to become the agents of change regarding the climate pledges from the NDC of Vietnam, they also hope to advance climate actions at national and international forums. I ought to introduce this practical portal to the UNIS community, and I wish to expand the capacity of the knowledge of youth about climate change through this multi-dimensional knowledge exchange channel.  (Ellie Cheng, Grade 9)