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Korea’s Top University Visits UNIS Hanoi

We were excited to welcome Seoul National University (SNU) to UNIS Hanoi for the first time. Over 80 parents from Grades 1 to 12 showed up to hear what Korea’s top university has to say about what they are looking for in students. 

As our Korean community knows there are different pathways for applications depending on how many years you have lived outside of Korea. For those students who have lived outside of Korea for 12 years or more, they highly recommend students be well-rounded and passionate about areas outside of the classroom. There are many ways to demonstrate that, though our co-curricular form continues to be a positive way to show how strong our students are. For students who are outside of Korea for 3-12 years, they did encourage students to have competitive grades.  

Our Counselling department works with our Korean students no matter what pathway they are on to help prepare them for the rigors of all Korean universities. 

The Korean university reps were impressed with the caliber of UNIS Hanoi students in terms of the questions they asked, the warm welcome they received and what we were able to share with them about our students. They also shared that they would be happy to come back to UNIS Hanoi in the future, and we look forward to welcoming them. 

SNU thanked UNIS Hanoi for being a great host with a welcome present, and Dr Leppard, in turn, presented them with a UNIS Hanoi thank you gift for such a fruitful sharing with our community.