Help Us Conserve Vietnam’s Turtles!

WE NEED YOU! Would you like to help the Asia Turtle Programme (ATP) conserve Vietnam’s turtle species and raise awareness of them among the Vietnamese people?

There’s a simple way to make this happen! 

The Idea
The Service Learning team has partnered up with the ATP to create game cards about Vietnamese turtles using recycled milk cartons. 

The completed game card sets will be sent by the ATP to local schools so that teachers and students can learn about turtles through play, thereby helping them consciously protect local turtles.

What We’d Like From You
We aim to complete 300 sets of cards by May 1, 2022, which is only achievable with your help! 

How to make a set of cards
Step 1: Collect milk cartons (1L) at home, wash and dry them.

Step 2: Cut the milk carton into 9.5cm x 7cm sized cards

Step 3: Print the attached file on A4 size label paper and then cut it carefully around the yellow line (remember to keep the yellow line on each card)


Step 4: Stick the sticker cutout on the milk carton cards. (Paste the 2 sides and remember in order so that the information and images are matched)

Step 5: Make 4 corners of the cards round and fine. Tight the whole set (8 cards in total) with a rubber band.

The completed card sets can be dropped at the Main Gate at any time. And if you don’t have time to make the cards, but would like to participate in some way, you CAN!

We need about 100-150 washed milk/juice box cartons so we can create the cards at School. 


  1. Collect any cartons you have at home (maybe ask your neighbors, too).
  2. Rinse/Wash them out and let them dry.
  3. Drop them off at the school recycling center, in the G6 Science room (B6 120) or at the Main Gate.

Thank you!