Hearing and Vision Campaign Starts for EY to G5 Students

The School Health Centre is conducting a hearing and vision campaign for students from Early Years through to Grade 5 over the next four weeks.  

This is taking place in recognition of the fact that during the last two and half years it has been difficult for families to access medical services; and periodic hearing and vision screening is an integral part of preventive paediatric health care. Annual screening is recommended for a developing child. 

A child who cannot see or hear well cannot learn well. When children cannot hear or see well enough, they may need additional educational resources to support their learning. Providing access to hearing aids or vision improvement such as glasses helps ensure a child can develop fully.

The testing will take about five minutes and each student will be assessed individually outside of the classroom in a quiet environment.  If there are any abnormalities noted during the screening the parents will be contacted by the School Health Centre with the results of the screening and recommendations.

For more information, please email our School Health Centre Coordinator.