Hanoi Science Debate – January 23

On Saturday January 23, UNIS Hanoi will host the Hanoi Science Debate from 09:00-16:00. Organized by UNIS Hanoi High School students, the event provides a platform for scientifically minded students to discuss scientific topics and their practical applications to the world. Students will argue for the strengths and weaknesses of scientific solutions, discuss groundbreaking innovations that might apply to a real-world issue and ultimately convince a panel of judges through debate skills and evidence-based arguments.

Despite the circumstances of the pandemic, the Leadership Team has received special permission to invite Singapore International School, St Paul, and Hanoi International School on campus under strict guidelines. Although the debates will not be available to watch in-person, they will be livestreamed using high-tech OWL cameras.

If you are interested in watching the debate, please contact unissciencedebate@gmail.com for more information.

We wish all debaters a well deserved good luck for the 4-month preparation they have been doing. Hopefully UNIS Hanoi will bring home another trophy this year!