Grade 6 Students Learn about Life on Land

All year long, across subjects, the Grade 6 students have focused on different aspects related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Life on Land (SDG15). Beyond learning about conservation efforts and ecosystems in Vietnam, students have been able to take action by raising awareness and funds in our community. A great example of our School’s vision to be a learning community that is an inspirational role model for a better world.

The action of the Grade 6 students this week culminated in two highlights of the year. 

First, We are proud to share that the 31 million VND (!) raised in the Life on Land gift product sale in December, has been donated, equally spread over four very worthy conservation agencies: Save Vietnam Wild LifeAsian Turtle ProjectEndangered Primate Rescue Centre and Animals Asia. As a token of recognition, our students got some very grateful acknowledgements from these organizations.

Second, we have been able to open a short exposition of art installations the students made for the lobbies and offices of the conservation agencies they have been supporting. These installations express the students’ understanding of the intricate relationships between elements that make up vulnerable ecosystems. They are also very nice expressions of creativity developed in an interdisciplinary unit in Visual Arts, Design, Science and Service Learning. The installations can be found upstairs in the lobby of the Centre of the Arts (B10). Please visit, before they are moved to the conservation agencies’ offices. 

We are proud of our Grade 6 learners! Ask them about their learning experiences if you get the chance! And check out some of the photos below to see ‘action’ in action.