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Grade 5s Moving On Up!

Shadow Day: A Glimpse into Middle School Life

On Shadow Day at the end of May, Grade 5 students from our Elementary School had the opportunity to visit our Middle School and experience a day in the life of a middle school student. This event was designed to help students get a better understanding of what Middle School is like and to help them feel more comfortable with the transition.

The day started with a warm welcome from our principal, who gave a brief introduction about the school and its programmes. Then, the students were paired up with a Middle School student as their guide for the day. This allowed them to get a more personal experience and ask questions about what it’s really like to be a middle school student.

Throughout the day, the Grade 5 students attended classes with their buddy and participated in various activities. They had the opportunity to meet their future teachers and classmates, learn about different subjects, and experience the unique culture of our Middle School.

One of the highlights of the day was lunchtime, where the grade 5 students were able to sit with their buddy and their friends. This gave them a chance to socialise and make new connections, which can be especially important for students who may be nervous about transitioning to Middle School.

Overall, Shadow Day was a great success. The Grade 5 students left with a better understanding of what middle school is like and felt more comfortable with the idea of transitioning in the future. Our middle school students also enjoyed the experience and were proud to show off their school and answer questions from the younger students.

We look forward to welcoming these students back as they continue their education journey and hope that Shadow Day will continue to be a valuable tradition for years to come.