Grade 5 Japanese Home Language Students Leave a Legacy

A Japanese mini library named “Nihongo Toshokan” has been created in the Japanese Home Language (HL) classroom thanks to four Grade 5 Home Language students – Hannah, Lina, Ryo and Akari.

The mini library was their Grade 5 graduation project with the aim of promoting reading among students attending the Japanese class. The group proactively built on their idea from the beginning of the year and put it into shape with support from Mr Hiya, the G5 Japanese teacher, and the parents in the Japanese community.

Thanks to everyone’s help, the library corner now includes all of their recommended books, books recycled from the UNIS library and two brand new bookshelves donated by the Japanese community. The books are for students of all ages from kindergarteners or Japanese beginners to the upper elementary and middle school students.

All students studying Japanese are encouraged to come visit and borrow their favourite books from the mini library during the Japanese HL classes next year. A big thank you to our Grade 5 HL students who have left this legacy for the next classes.