Grade 12 DP History – Expansion Museum Display

Grade 12 DP History students have spent the start of the school year exploring the reasons nations go to war. The DP syllabus looks at the time period of the 1930s in Asia and Europe as the case studies.

As a class they have invested time this year and last year into looking at the origin, nature of expansion as well as foreign involvement (or lack thereof). As a culminating activity they have created a display of some of the lessons that have been learned in looking at expansion.

Each display was the work of a student team that tried to look at the causes of aggression and then provide an opportunity to alleviate aggression in the future. Not only was it a learning experience to review some content, but we had some conversations about the peace, justice and strong institutions as we looked at the failures of the League of Nations as an institution. 

Check out some of the photos of the displays below. They ranged from using conceptual lenses to create collages with artistic statements, to an experiential tunnel into the time period. Even the materials were chosen with a message in mind for the displays with distressed cardboard being symbolic of the times.