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Grade 1 Lighting Our Curiosities

Can you live without light? Can you communicate thoughts and feelings without using words? Such questions are being asked as Grade 1 students are beginning an inquiry into how light and sound affects our lives in many ways. Under the transdisciplinary theme of ‘How the World Works’ students explored light and sound properties and manipulation in an experiential way. Beginning with an open inquiry, students went to stations where teachers set up mirrors, various light sources, overhead projectors, drums, bells, and morse code. Students awakened their curiosities and engagement flourished. 

Students were then led in a more guided inquiry as teachers prompted with key concepts relating to form, function, and change. The light and sound experience ended with a class reflection on how senses were used, how we describe light and sound, and how light and sound can be used to communicate. Students’ next steps are diving into their provocative questions about light along with the next phase exploring sound impacting our lives.