G7 Interdisciplinary Learning Benefits Blue Dragon Kids

Central to an MYP education is interdisciplinary learning. Interdisciplinary learning is an approach where teachers collaborate and merge a unit of inquiry together in order to enhance the students’ learning experience, and to help students understand how all the MYP subjects are connected. In addition, interdisciplinary learning can be centered within a real-world setting in order for students to not just transfer knowledge and skills across the curriculum but beyond the classroom to the community.

Grade 7 students have embarked upon a Service Learning and Language and Literature interdisciplinary unit titled “Connections and Perspectives.” Students are in the process of learning key Service Learning skills and attitudes in connection with important information and media literacy skills. The focus of the combination of these skills is to help students research various perspectives and make connections between sources of information in order to determine how to persuade an audience to move from awareness of a community challenge to informed action.

The most exciting part of this interdisciplinary unit is the real-world setting provided for the students. The real-world setting is our very own host country of Vietnam and most importantly Grade 7 students have connected with our Service Learning partners Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. 

Thus far students have met on a fortnightly basis with Blue Dragon workers Kim Miller and Ian Timms. Via Zoom students have been able to engage in Q & A sessions in order to understand the vitally important service Blue Dragon provides and to begin to consider and understand the complex systems surrounding their 3 focus areas:

  • Human trafficking
  • Human migration
  • Breaking the cycle of poverty.

In addition to this partnership, students have had the opportunity to connect with Ben Randall, founder of the Human Earth Project and creator of the documentary ‘Sisters for Sale’. Grade 7 students were able to view the child-friendly version of the documentary and to engage in a Q & A session with Ben. 

From here, students will launch into research projects and connect with Blue Dragon staff to develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of a chosen Blue Dragon focus area. At the end of the year, students will transfer their Service Learning and Language and Literature research folio and writing to an integrated Arts and Design product where they will visually communicate their compelling findings and transfer written persuasion skills to a unique physical representation. 

Post-Winter Break will be an exciting time for our Grade 7 students as they dive deeper into interdisciplinary learning and in an authentic manner engage with Service Learning partners during Language and Literature and Service Learning  lessons. Furthermore, students will learn to transfer Compass Education systems thinking approaches within their Language and Literature learning experiences to further enhance the connections between Service Learning and the transfer of curriculum knowledge to the world beyond the classroom.

Watch this space!