G5 Students Collaborate with G11 Students to Explore PYPx Themes

Grade 5 PYP students joined together with Grade 11 students to explore the themes under investigation in their upcoming PYP Exhibition. Themes students are delving into include world hunger, overfishing, deforestation, peace and conflict resolution, as well as gender equality.

The students had discussions to identify different parts and perspectives relating to each group’s PYPx theme. Grade 5 students have already made progress on their PYPx by researching their topics, connecting with experts and beginning to think about what action they might take.

The Grade 11 students involved in these conversations are studying DP Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS), a two year IB Diploma course that explores the scientific and human dimensions of global environmental issues.

Commenting on the innovative partnership, IB DP Coordinator and ESS teacher, Mr Elliott Cannell said, “It is fantastic to see PYP and DP students having conversations together to explore topics linked to UN SDGs. We are excited to see how the PYPx groups progress on the next stages of their journey.”

Grade 11 and Grade 5 students worked in small groups outside and wore masks to ensure they could collaborated safely.

Here’s what they had to say about the collaboration:

“It allowed for students to reveal their ideas and help generate new ideas. They were focused and determined. I was impressed.”
-Carolina, Grade 11 student

“It was different than sharing with kids in our class because the 11th graders gave us mature feedback.”
-Gabriel & Judiak, Grade 5 students

“It was fun that we got to draw and sketch connections to our topic. It was cool to share what we learned with an older kid.”
-Emilie, Grade 5 student

“It reminded me of when I did my PYP Exhibition. It was great to hear how much they knew about climate change.” -Cedric, Grade 11 student

The Grade 5 PYPx Exhibition will be held on Thursday May 12 and Friday May 13.