G12 DP Theatre Students Give Final Solo Performances

On January 25, the Grade 12 Higher Level DP Theatre students performed their final Solo Theatre performances. Throughout history there have been influential theatre theorists who have understood the human experience in simple and powerful ways and come up with specific ways of presenting this in performance.

The Grade 12 Theatre solo task is that students must select a theorist of inspiration and create a 4-8 minute solo show using key aspects of performance taken from the theorist. Gaby Chanen chose Polish Tadeusz Kantor’s Theatre of Death, Elena McCullough selected French Jacques Lecoq’s physical theatre, Katie Tran chose French Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty, and Merel van Tienen chose German Pina Bausch’s Dance Theatre. The performances were very strong and well received by an audience of HS teachers and students. Congratulations to Gaby, Katie, Merel and Elena for creating compelling and engaging work.

Enjoy watching their work: