Extending Sustainability Training Beyond Campus

Did you know that one of our sustainability goals was to offer sustainability training to our community?

At UNIS Hanoi, we want our reach to extend beyond the walls of our school and there was no better time to do this than during SDG Week! 

Our faculty and staff have been working on a project with the British University Vietnam (BUV) to teach ‘sustainable design thinking’ to over 500 first year university students. The UNIS Hanoi team is delivering the course using Compass Education training materials. Compass Education is the organization that UNIS Hanoi partnered with to help facilitate our current sustainability plan. Stay tuned for more sustainability courses offered to the community.

For more information about the UNIS Hanoi Sustainability Plan or to find out how to get involved with our committee, please contact Misty Shipley, Director of Finance and Operations, dfo@unishanoi.org.