Explore the World – Find those photos to share!

Our grass courtyard will be transformed into a UN Plaza for SDG Week as the centerpiece of our new look UN Day celebrations.

The flags of the 195 Member and Observer States will be displayed on the School’s central courtyard celebrating global collaboration and as a digital exhibition for students to explore.

There will be a map (print and digital) to ‘explore the world’ with QR codes attached to each flagpole. The linked digital resource will provide a country factfile and a ‘photo album or scrapbook’ of contributed photos from our community. 

Our students will visit a world created by our community and see the countries through the eyes and experiences of our community. 

This week we invited all families to share photographs from your UN Member homeland in the digital “Country Photo Albums/Scrapbooks”. We hope you will have fun finding photos from home together as a family and sharing them with the community for our Explore the World project.

You can upload your photos with a brief description of where and when they were taken and you can add some interesting facts about your country if you would like to. Please be careful when editing these collaborative documents to not delete other family’s contributions. Thank you.

The links will be open for contribution until 12.00 noon on Monday November 2.

Together we will create an exhibition and an interactive map of the world accessible both on campus and online! We hope that this will be something your family can enjoy together and we look forward to seeing the photo album/scrapbooks grow over the next week.

(Please note that the country’s linked for families are the citizenships registered on our school system for your child(ren) from your enrollment information and only include the UN Member and Observer states).