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Empowering Students Leadership in Elementary School

An important feature of our programme is creating opportunities for our students to take action as a result of their learning. It’s a central tenet of a quality IB programme and is often connected to the learning and teaching programme. We are also dedicated to creating space in co-curricular programmes for students to take action by becoming student leaders. This year the ES has refined our student leadership model to make it more student centred and inclusive. We have moved away from the process of electing student council members and have now created mini leadership teams focused on a particular element in our school. Students in Grades 4 and 5 volunteered to become leaders in areas such as technology, library, playgrounds, sustainability and assemblies. These student groups have all begun to take action with the intention of making our school a better place for all.

In the week, we had the great fortune of engaging in a student leadership development workshop hosted by three of our MSHS students leaders which was overseen by Ms. Kate Dore. Students explored some leadership concepts and were challenged to reflect on themselves as leaders and overcome some of the challenges of leading others. It was a joyful and memorable experience which ended with students producing some purpose statements about their work this year as student leaders in the ES. Our sincere thanks to Sooa Lee (G8), Khanh Nguyen (G10 and Rahul Gowda (G11) for their leadership and facilitation. 

We have a new generation of student leaders already making a great impact on our community.