Discussing Human Rights Connection with Sustainable Development

Grade 10 students have been engaged in looking at Human Rights in their current Individuals and Societies' unit. As part of SDG Week, students have also been making the connections to Sustainable Development Goal 16. The students worked collaboratively to answer this question:

Why is Sustainable Development Goal 16 important and how is it connected to Human Rights?

Here are some of their answers:

“The significance of sustainable development. The importance of Goal #16 and how it relates to human rights cannot be overstated. Many of these goals ensure important societal values like fairness, dignity, equality, and respect. It provides us with the rights and power to take charge of our lives. A fundamental freedom shared by all humans.”

“The SDG targets of SDG16 correspond with human rights. Peace, Justice, and strong institutions are the base to form a human right. For example, peace and justice are the foundations of a strong institution. Without a strong institution, human rights can’t be enforced properly. The SDG targets represent a goal to work towards and is a way to keep practicing human rights.” 

“Because SDG16 is Peace Justice and Strong Institutions, it focuses on rights in relation to bringing nations or groups of people together and in relation to fairness in the law. Many human rights fit this category due to it being related to the basic human needs in a community.”

“Sustainable Development Goal 16 is important because it promotes a set of rules of law at international levels and surely ensures indistinguishable access to justice for every single individual no matter who they are. This SDG includes international cooperation that can develop countries to a further extent, prevent violence and combat crime or terrorism. “

“Human rights are laws that apply to everyone and were made to help people get justice. SDG16 is about justice and law. Most of the articles concerning equal treatment and recognition by governments and authorities fall under the values of SDG16, promoting inclusiveness and equity."

“SDG16 is important because it includes freedom and peace not just for individual human rights, but for all countries and societies. SDG16 addresses the rule of law such as equality, equity, inclusion, rights, laws, and institutions. These are imperative to promote and enforce peaceful societies for sustainable development through global governance and international agreements.”

“The Sustainable Development Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions is related to enforcement of safety within and around countries and enforcement of global laws agreed upon. It encourages all countries towards agreeing to each human right and how to establish this.”