Cross Country Team Compete in Virtual Race

COVID-19 led to an increase in Virtual Race participation amongst the running community. On Tuesday Cross Country ASA runners participated in their first Virtual Race organised by ISB Bangkok with 30 schools around the world competing. Virtual Races provide an opportunity for students to experience competitive running events.

Cross Country ASA runners who train Tuesday and Thursday (6:30 am-7:30 am) were excited to challenge themselves in a competitive setting. On Tuesday the skies of Hanoi were blue and there was a cool breeze, perfect running conditions. A 400m  track was marked on the field with the waterlogged parts of the field creating an authentic cross country experience! Middle school runners participated in a 3k time trial whilst High school runners participated in a 5k time trial. The times will be submitted and points allocated based on the overall position.   

Here are some student comments;

  • I run cross country to push myself to become a better athlete and student. It’s a way for me to exercise while taking a break from any chaos in my social or school life, and running has always been one of my passions. The race on Tuesday was an incredible way to connect schools all over the world through sport despite COVID-19, and it was a nice experience. 
  • I love the freedom of running. I love being free and running against other people.
  • This race was very different from the run we normally do as we were running on a turf that was very muddy, similar to the trails in Bangkok last year.  Although I was not as tired as I expected myself to be after finishing the race, my legs felt very tired and stiff.